Although I've been talking pictures professionally for almost 20 years, my first experience of film was as a four year old. Beneath the stairs of my parent's terraced house in Huddersfield I tried to develop some spools of my dad's using a mixture of household chemicals and Fairy Liquid. Neither the disastrous results or my parents justified annoyance put me off.

It was the work of guys like Albert Watson and Peter Lindbergh who got me interested in fashion photography. They had a really earthy, photo journalistic way of shooting models that was totally fresh at the time. I also liked the reportage style of Don McCullin, which felt quite raw and  to this day I'm still inspired by this juxtaposition of spectacular beauty and everyday reality like what Alasdair Mclellan brings to Photography. The other images that fired up my imagination were from Pirelli calenders. Really indulgent and suggestive glossy images of gorgeous women.Who'd not want a job trying to emulate that.

Places like Paris and Los Angeles inspire me as well as the authentic Beauty you find in Scotland and the North of England. I like trying new things and pushing the brief, not so the client I'm working for gets frustrated, but because I want to exceed their expectations. They seem to like working with me anyway, why else would they keep coming back?

In the last 20 years i have been fortunate to travel just about all over the world, and have also had the opportunity to work with some great and talented people. But wherever i go and get the opportunity to shoot, I do love coming back to Scotland where i live now, My Base ? you might ask ,  well for me its wherever the shoots take me. 

Photography has changed so much in the past 20 years, and i have found that adapting to the present is the only way to carry on. Imagery can come in so many forms and for me thats whats always been exciting. From film to iPhone its always about the image, that passing moment , that unplanned result, that mystery which i think is still there and to me its about what you see when you realise you just have to open your eyes !

I'm as stimulated now as always working on commercial work like advertising, catalogue or editorial as I am on personal stuff. I see it all as a challenge and an opportunity. After all these years photography is still my passion. Just don't get me to process any films....